3 Mistakes that make it likely to get denied

1. Collecting unemployment while applying for SSDI?

Judges love to get Claimants on this. Unemployment means your looking for work and you can’t find any work. SSDI is there can be a million jobs but I can not do them because of my physical and mental condition. Judges hate when people want their cake and want to eat it too. The first two statements can never be true together it’s impossible. Now if it was a pharmaceutical company or an insurance company making these statements they would have a better shot of getting the judge to buy such a ridiculous statement.

Why? I’ve thought about it long and hard and I think a lot of judges come from defense firms and they take their arguments and augmented reality to the bench with them. My Grandad told me many times that the word justice should be replaced with the word law on the courthouse. It took me a couple years of practicing law to understand what he meant, unfortunately like usual he was right.

2. A Supportive Medical Source Statement- This is a form filled out by the disabled persons doctor outlining the restrictions the patient has that prevents them working. Note this is not a note saying Tyler can not work.

3. A complete File- A file is supposed to be complete within 5 days of the hearing or a letter must be submitted alleging good. Side as to why it is not complete. Judges are becoming more and more difficult with this rule and it is not a very good rule in my opinion.

Statistics show at a hearing with a Supportive MSS, record complete, and representation your odds of winning are close to 85%, missing one of these low 60’s and missing both low 40’s.  These cases are won and lost on the prep work your reps office does to get this done and done right. Lastly, please hire help if my car breaks I take it to the mechanic and there is a lot less at stake there than there is is a SSDI case with past and future benefits, and potentially Medicare which could save or lengthen your life.

Jason Baril
Disability Advantage Group

                                         My brilliant Grandfather and my cousin by birth but
                                         a sister forever in my heart! One last comment about my
                                        Grandad I didn’t like his advice a lot, but like he said son
                                        I promise I will never steer you wrong and he NEVER did.


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