Initial Phase of Social Security Disability and some topics that derive from there.

The first phase once the application is filed is called the initial phase. At this phase about 25% of cases that are filed will get paid. The process takes 6/9 months from filing and the average back pay is about 5600 hundred bucks and the claimant will receive a monthly check there after so long as the approval is more than five months from his or her onset date of being disabled.

Sometimes a DDS worker will move the Claimant’s onset date past the filing date. Reasons for this can run the spectrum. Two reasons we see a lot are a significant health event or something known as the grid rules. For now, grid rules make the requirements of becoming disabled much less stringent at certain ages generally around 50 if the persons exertion level of their past relevant work is above the sedentary exertion level.

It is always important to be honest but classify your work and what you did but on your application focus on the higher exertion level days rather than days where one might have done a tad bit less. The other issue we see lots of times here is Joe a fictitious client is a CEO of Joe’s construction company. With further questioning Joe is the only one working and really only does the manual labor. In this instance, if Joe were to leave on his application that he is CEO and say he is 50 a DDS worker may assume he is high level management and thus has transferable skills to the sedentary exertion level, thus requiring a finding of not disabled. 

Anyone going against my advice and filing on your own please heed warning here as it can be fatal to your case. I would love for you to call our amazing team at Disability Advantage Group and let us help you win the benefits you deserve but if you don’t dial 865-566-0800 pick up the phone and get some help. It’s your money and way too much money to be at risk playing hero on your own.

Lastly for today, if the Caimant wants their best opportunity to win let’s get atleast a supportive MSS (Medical Source Statement) written by the Claimant’s doctor. For example, if you have your Nurse Practitioner write it judges do not give it the same weight as an MD. As a son of a N,  I know what NP’s are capable of first hand and my mother was a brilliant NP and I know it sounds bias, but it was true. 

I still hear my mom’s voice almost everytime I felt sick asking me a few questions and getting the diagnosis right everytime. It’s been about 14 weeks since she passed and I miss her more than I thought I ever would. 

Jason Baril
Disability Advantage Group
                                      RIP Mom, I Love You!


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