When will I get Medicare if I get approved for SSDI?

As of this writing if you are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance there is a mandatory two year wait from the onset date that the person is deemed disabled. Onset date is the first date that the Administration deems the person could no longer engage in Substantial Gainful Activity or in other words is making less than 1000 dollars a month and working under 20 hours per week unless the employer is making accommodations.

As of this writing there are bills in the house to eliminate the 2 year waiting period as well as eliminating the 5 month waiting stood before benefits kick in. From a policy perspective both of these bills make sense. As to waiting to get insurance these individuals illnesses progress because they can not afford medical treatment thus when they get their Medicare it costs our Government many times more than if they would have treated them as soon as they were approved if they survive. Finally as to the five month waiting period, SSDI is not welfare these individuals have paid into the system approximately 15% of their earnings for retirement and disability insurance so if they can’t work let’s get them their money.

As an attorney who has seen many thousands of these cases most people do not have money set aside and these impairments cause them financial hardship where many lose everything they ever had before they get there benefits. As a society we can do better. We spend 60% of our tax collections on the military chasing down terrorists. I agree terrorism is awful but the Pharmaceutical Companies intentionally kill more people in one month than terrorism in the United States is responsible for the entire century including 9-11. These companies are the serial killers of our lifetime and our Govt. and media protects these companies and CEO’s  both civilly and criminally who are morally bankrupt.

It would be funny if it wasn’t true!


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