Can I Apply for Disability Immediately When My Disability Prevented Me From Working?

The answer is yes for both SSI and SSDI. For SSI benefits start accruing the first full month after your alleged onset date. For SSDI there is a 5 month waiting period as of this writing for benefits to start accruing while your application is pending.

There are various bills pending in Congress as of the writing of this blog to waive the five month waiting period and there is hop that this will pass and become law around the Summer of 2020. Please write and call your Congressmen as this would be extremely beneficial to those in need of benefits.

Not working takes an extreme toll on individuals as well as families as the time to get approved on average is 2 years with many waiting much longer. Hire someone who knows the process. I am a Partner of Disability Advantage Group and if you need help feel free to call 865-566-0800.

Jason Baril
Disability Advantage Group


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