What can I do to help win my Social Security disability case?

1. Hire someone who has dealt with SSA on a frequent basis to be your Representative. A Representative will not cost a dime unless they win in most instances. Representatives know how to win cases and they know how Claimants can lose their case. Hire the representative early and if one has not filed yet find a Rep who will file the application. It is important to put ALL conditions and symptoms  as well as any medicine and resulting side effects from those conditions in your application and state them accurately. We are telling DDS workers and in a lot of cases eventually a judge a story about one’s health. A consistent story is key and an Attorney will help develop this early on. I would love for everyone to call our office at 865-566-0800, we have won thousands of cases just this year across the country.  I realize we may not be a fit for everyone and that’s okay but hire someone the risks are to high not to.

2. Seek consistent medical treatment and tell doctors symptoms from medical conditions and side effects from drugs at every appointment. Consistent medical treatment is key, without any medical treatment it is going to be very hard to win any case with Social Security. We want what is happening to appear in medical records consistently.

3.  Get a Medical Source Statement from physicians supporting your claims. The Administration has these forms but we have our own and we word them in a way that make it more likely to be filled out favorably by a busy doctor.

4.  These things if adopted by the judge as true will win the medical component of a case under SSR 96-8.  Having to elevate legs above the waist frequently, having to lay down multiple times throughout the day, having to take additional breaks other than lunch and customary breaks allowed or not making it to work two or more days due to flare ups from a condition. This is not an exhaustive list.

5. File appeals timely. The hearing level is where most cases get approved but that is the third phase in the administrative process. Many people give up after first or second denial because they do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. The judge in many instances is that bright light. The ALJ is supposed to be an independent fact finder from the SSA. Some judges approve almost 90% of the cases they hear, while others deny 90% of the cases they hear. We will have a post on this and the inconsistencies it creates in another post soon.

6.  There are other things that can be done as well but these are the most important ones and the easiest fixes to increase your odds substantially. Lastly, keep hope, remain confident and good luck in  this journey.


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