What can one do if they can’t afford their prescriptions?

Many times people have to wait two to three years before getting approved for Social Security Disability. This creates an extreme financial problem for many families and individuals. Sometimes people have to make choices like not paying a bill or not getting a prescription if they can’t afford it which can lead to additional problems. In some circumstances there are other alternatives that people have never heard of.

One is discount prescription cards. These cards can save as much as 80% for those on prescriptions and best of all these programs are free.  The one we like the best is the National Drug Card. This card also has a pet savings card as well as the Health Care Savings Club Card. In my opinion it is the best one available and I am including a link here:


This card can be used in digital form or you can print it out. I hope some find this useful.

Jason Baril
Partner Disability Advantage Group


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